Advantages of Using Light Fixtures Made of Plaster

Light fixtures are commonly made of metal, plastic, or glass. Although these materials are durable and do not require much upkeep over time, they can be unattractive and have limitations. Today, lighting fixtures made of plaster are becoming increasingly popular because they offer the durability of traditional lighting while providing a beautiful aesthetic to any room in which it is installed.

What is Plaster?

Plaster is a material with a pasty texture that is usually composed of water, sand, and gypsum or lime. Despite its early discovery, plaster is still a popular material in construction, interior design, and architecture today. An example of how plaster is still being used in architectural design is with light fixtures

 The following reasons highlight the benefits of light fixtures made of plaster and why you should consider them for your next project.

Installed plaster light fixtures in a residential project

Plaster Harmony Round Downlights

Advantages of using Light Fixtures made of Plaster

Here are some eye-opening facts about plaster and its beneficial uses in lighting solutions.

  • Sustainable: Calcium, the core material in plaster, is the 5th most abundant mineral on earth making plaster a sustainable, highly recyclable environmentally friendly material. Therefore, using plaster light fixtures not only saves money in waste disposal costs, but also helps in promoting sustainable practices for future generations.

How do you recycle plaster?

  1. Break the plaster down into smaller pieces
  2. Heat it to 325 degrees Fahrenheit to remove water
  3. Crush the plaster down so it turns into powder
  4. Reuse!
How our plaster light fixtures are manufactured and produced

Manufacturing and production of our light fixtures

  • Durable:

Ancient Egyptians were master plaster workers. Their famous Egyptian Pyramids contain 4000 years old plaster that still shines brightly to this day! Since it was first invented back in ancient Egypt, plaster has been an integral part of the construction industry. Those who have built their structures with this durable material can attest to its strength and resilience over time.

Trending today

Today, home builders and construction companies are using plaster everywhere from homes to buildings and in both small and large projects worldwide. Many electricians and architects are becoming more interested in using more durable materials that can hold up against the test of time. Plaster’s resistance to harsh environments such as high humidity, heat, and cold makes it a strong and durable material. In the category of “mud-in” light fixtures, the resistance to harsh environments makes plaster maintenance free because it prevents cracking. What this means is that light fixtures made of plaster have become increasingly popular and are in high demand today.


2 types of Plaster light fixtures installed in a luxury house

Plaster Harmony Downlights and Circular Linear Cove

  • Customizable:

Plaster, by its nature, is customizable and also moldable. So it’s no surprise that this medium can make your light fixtures equally as versatile. With plaster you can create unique forms! Customizing your light fixtures made from plaster comes with a wide range of options. Therefore, you can paint your plaster light fixtures, have them textured or even manipulate their form!

Plaster light fixtures can be customized due to its moldable nature

  • Seamless and Trimless:

Plaster light fixtures are a sleek and sophisticated way to bring the beauty of traditional lighting into your home. They have a monolithic finish since it is a self-binding material. Light fixtures made from plaster will integrate seamlessly into any drywall surface. All you have to do is simply mud in the seams and leave no separation between them and your ceiling/wall.

To show that the light fixture is seamless and without trims

Seamless and Trimless Plaster Light Fixture

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Plaster light fixtures are the perfect choice for many different types of residential and commercial projects and they come in a range of styles to suit your interior needs. Not only are they durable, customizable, seamless and trimless – plaster is also sustainable! If you want to know more about the benefits of installing our plaster lights for your future projects, please contact us today. We’ll be happy to walk you through everything!